Friday, August 12, 2011

Sex in the city - The Hotel

This is (finaly) a continuation of this story.

Boy did she tease me on the way to the hotel. I didn't care about the cabbie but she did I suppose. Still, once we were at the hotel and up in her room I was glad for her restraint. Our time together will be something for both of us to remember for a very long time. I wanted to rip off her clothes an ravish her. She is standing by the bed, waiting for me to make a move. I imagine that, after her flight and that cab ride she could use some freshening up and almost suggested it but than a rather wicked thought came to me. She had teased me so mercilessly and now it was my turn.
I walk up to her, kiss her once before turning he around. I pull her body against mine, wrapping my arms around her and pressing my bulge against her sexy ass. I begin caressing her, running my hands over luscious body, caressing her long graceful neck. I kiss her neck and ears, whispering to her about how sexy she is, about all of the ways in which I am going to take her. One hand caresses her wonderful breasts, playing with her nipples through her shirt. The other hand slides down between her legs. Even through her jeans I can feel how hot and wet she is but is my sexy Trickie hot enough for me to get her off with her clothes still on? I begin to work inherent in earnest. I caress and massage her hot pussy through
her jeans. I pinch her nipples, nibble her ear, grind my throbbing cock against her ass. Finally she begins to moan and thrust her crotch up against my hand. I can hear her moaning. Her body is shaking, her legs get weak but I hold her up. I hear her whisper "fuck me" but I tell her not yet - first I want her to cum in her panties. She moans and proteas but it is cut short. I thrust my hips against her ass and wiggle my fingers hard against her broth. She let's out a yelp and begins to climax. I feel her shaking, her breathing paralyzed for a few moments. Finally her body relaxes and she let's out a moaning sigh.
I pick her up and lye her down on the bed, softly kissing her and whispering about how beautiful she is. I het up and walk away, moments later she can hear water running for her bath. I walk back in and begin undressing. I can see that smile on her face as her eyes drink in the sight of my nakedness. I walk to the bed and begin undressing her as well. I am struck dumb by the sight of her naked body. We walk into the bathroom together.