Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trying to satisfy my voyerism

Ok, so I have not had any responses from people here in NYC willing to let me indulge in my voyeuristic nature and I was feeling a bit frisky today so I decided to visit the one strip club downtown.  It is a nice enough little club and the lady that I went ahead and got a dance from was VERY gorgeous but in the end it reminded me why I don't frequent these clubs.  First of all there is the $11 beer, which admittedly is not uncommon for this town.  A few years ago I tried a different club when I worked up in midtown and the ladies in that club were just plain surly.  The ladies here were very friendly and sweet and had me relaxed.  So I get the dance and it was nice enough but this city has become so puritanical that the ladies can only go topless.  Still, she was sweet and did lots of grinding, kissing my cheek some and putting her pert little breasts in my face.  She also let me get away with little kisses on her cheek, shoulder, neck and between her breasts.  So, for what it was, she did a good job but still not worth $20.  I should just save the $31 and put it towards visiting a professional.  It may not be so legal but I bet it is a whole lot more fun.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sitting at my Desk

We had been flirting for the last few weeks.  She likes to flirt but always makes it clear that it will never go further - she never would with a married man.  She is so gorgeous, her body so fit from all her yoga and jogging.  Her personality is so fiery, the feisty Latina that she is. 
The day has started like so many, we say hello, I wink, she smiles.  I write a few suggestive emails, she responds encouragingly.  As always I make an inappropriate offer for her to come to my office so we can close the door.  At some point she has trouble with her computer so I come out to help her.  As I am sitting there in her chair, waiting for her machine to reboot, I turn and look at her, sitting on the edge of her desk.  We are chatting, making eye contact.  She is wearing one of her sexy skirts.  Today I am bold; I reach over and caress her calf.  She just smiles at me.  Someone walks by so I remove my hand.  Once they are gone I replace my hand but this time I slide it up further.  She locks eyes on mine.  I expect her to stop me bu she doesn't.  I slide my hand up further, above her knee and her response is to part her legs.  My heart is beating faster, how far will she go?  My hand is now under her skirt; she places her hand on my shoulder but not to stop me.  I slide further - her panties are lace.  I begin to rub her, she is becoming wet.  She is breathing hard now.  I take the chance, I push her panties to the side, she opens her legs more.  I slide my finger up and down her slit, she is becoming very wet.  I make circles around her slit, she moans a little.  I then slide a finger into her.  Finally she stops me.  She takes my arm and leads me to my office.  We close the door, she sits on the edge of my desk and parts her legs.  I reach under her skirt and pull her panties off.  I bring them to my nose and sniff them before placing them on my desk.  My fingers slide back inside her and she moans.  I begin to pump her slowly, using my thumb to play with her clit.  She leans forward and grabs my shoulder as she begins to shake and squeak.  I love watching her cum, it is so beautiful. She leans over and kisses me.

I expect that things are done and thus am surprised when she gets on her knees.  She looks me right in the eye as she undoes my pants.  I lift my hips as she pulls my pants and short down around my ankles.  She finally breaks eye contact when she leans forward and takes my cock into her mouth.  In all my life only my wife has ever sucked my cock.  Was I surprised at what I had been missing.  My sweet sexy Latina sucked me off and brought me to bliss.  He lips felt so good wrapped around me.  It did not take too long, which is just as well since I could hear the occupants of the offices around me returning from lunch.  I stiffen and blow, she sucks it all down.  She pulls up my pants.  I begin to pull her panties back up but stop to quickly kiss her sweet pussy, I let my tongue snake out and slither up between her lips.  She moans but stops me, telling me not now.

One more kiss and she walks back to her desk

I love work!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Voyeur - Exibitionist

From the title you should be able to guess what this is about.  I want to watch and be watched.  I am trying to find the best way to find women, men or couples to have a little voyeuristic fun with.  I would love to watch a woman pleasure herslef, or a man pleasure himself but best of all would be to watch a couple going at it.  Porn is just so - I don't know - unfulfilling.  I want to be there in person.  Strip clubs, especialy herer in NYC are just no fun.  I can watch but I can't pull out my cock and give it a nice tug when I need to.  Also, the environment in those places is just so much about money, money, money that it is no fun at all. 

So, who out there is a voyeur or an exibitionist?  Tell me aout your fantasies and adventures.  If you are in NYC and want to have some adventures - let me know.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What are fantasies?

I started this blog in order to explore my sexual fantasies; to try to understand them.  Why do I have the fantasies I do?  Are my fantasies only exciting if I think of them as becoming real?   This is what I really struggle with because the answer to that one is yes.  In order for a fantasy to really turn me on I have to frame it in my mind as a potential reality.  I can certainly tell stories that are purely imagination but in order for them to arouse me I have to imagine them as real. I have to feel her against me, imagine touching her, hearing her, smelling her.
I have tendencies that would put me within the polyamory world I suppose; though I have never been one for holding with any system of beliefs.  I feel what I feel and cannot convince myself to do otherwise – I suppose I am too honest for my own good.  My wife understands to a certain extent but certainly not enough to ever make it a reality; at least as things stand now.  She likes to tell stories, roll-play.  I suppose I should exploit that more.  The fact is that sex with her takes a lot of mental effort on my part so all too often I feel too tired to invent a good story and make it arousing for both of us.  That is terribly lazy of me since that could be the very thing that leads to greater things.  So, I will work on that.
How do you feel?  Do your fantasies have to feel like reality in order to arouse you? 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am stressed

Today I have one of those situations where I just have to sit around and wait for many hours to hear if a loved one is going to be ok. I try to stay busy at work and that helps some but only in fits and starts. What I really need is something I can not help but pay attention to. One thing that comes to mind is a beautiful naked woman that I can explore with my hands, lips and tongue for hours.
Any volunteers?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Night Out

Janice was at the table with Aaron and Masami.  I had left on the pretense of needing the restroom but the real reason was the invitation I read in the eyes of Caprice, the hostess that seated us.  I had watched her walk off to a corner on the far side of the room and then she suddenly disappeared.  I assumed there must be a door I cannot see from here.  I quickly make my way to where I saw her disappear and sure enough there is a small doorway with a curtain hanging across it.  I push the curtain aside enough to peek through and see a dark, narrow hall way.  With a deep breath I step through into the hallway and follow the path I am sure the dark beauty of Caprice had traveled just moments before. The hallway ends at a T intersection.  For a moment I am not sure which way to turn, so I follow my instinct and turn left.  Sure enough, a moment later I see the petite figure of Caprice facing away from me.  She seems to be looking at something on a small desk.  I take a moment to admire her curvaceous form and her lustrous dark hair.  She is wearing all black, a rather feminine tank top with spaghetti straps and fitted but not overly tight pair of jeans.  I can see the colorful tattoo on her right shoulder.  I look closely at it and where it disappears under her clothing. 
Time to see if I read her eyes correctly; I walk up behind her and without a word lean forward and place a gentle kiss on her bare shoulder. 
“Mmmmm good.  I was hoping you understood “, she says to me without turning her head.  I slide an arm around her tiny waist and pull her back against me while I move my kisses from her shoulder, up her neck to her ear.  She moans again and I can feel my cock stiffen at the sound.  I pull her against me so my hardness nestles between her shapely ass cheeks.  I slide my other hand down her shoulder to her back and then around front, where I caress her chest and shoulders before moving down to her firm breasts.  She moans again then turns her head, seeking my lips with her own.  I give her what she wants.  Our lips meet and our tongues dance.  My hand slides down from her waist, stops to unbutton her pants, then slides inside them.  Normally I would take my time and tease her outside her panties but we don’t have the time right now.  I slip my hand into her panties to find her bare slit.  I tease her folds, wanting to work her up.  Meanwhile I have my other hand up her shirt and under her bra.  I am caressing her soft breast, stopping to circle her nipple with my finger before pinching it.  She moans and bucks her hips against me.  I make a mental note for the future; Caprice has very sensitive nipples. 
I can feel that her slit is becoming wet; just what I need to slide my finders between her lips.  I slide my fingers up and down her slit, parting them more with each pass.  I continue to explore her feminine folds, looking for her most sensitive spots.  I dip a couple of fingers into her and she reacts strongly.  I pull my fingers out and circle them around her swollen clit; she moans and bucks her hips into my hand.  I continue this action for several minutes: sliding my fingers into her for a couple of thrusts then circling her clit.  Caprice is one hot woman.  It does not take long before I can feel her beginning to tense up and lose control.  I help her on; I suck on her earlobe and pinch her nipple.  That does it.  She lets out a guttural moan and spasms before going completely rigid.  She holds that for several moments.  I don’t think she is even breathing.  Then she gasps and spasms once more.  I feel her flinch a little and realize her clit has become too sensitive.  I move to caressing her whole body with broad gentle strokes of both hands.  She begins to purr at me. 
Without a word she turns towards me and gives me a deep kiss before dropping to her knees.  I cannot believe my luck.  Sure I want her to do something for me, though to be honest I was thrilled just to be able to get her off.  A quick zip and a little shuffling later and my throbbing cock is out in the open.  The feeling of her mouth and tongue on the head as her delicate hand work up and down the shaft is more than I can stand.  I want to make this sensation last longer but I also know I need to get back to the table soon.  I run my fingers through her thick dark hair and tell her I am going to cum.  Instead of pulling me out she takes me deep, deeper than I expected. That does it; I lose my load in her mouth.  She pulls all but the head out of her mouth and swallows what I give.  I grunt and moan and do everything I can to stay standing.  Once my cock finishes its twitching she swallows me once more and seems to suck me clean. 
With my cock still hanging out I pull her to her feet and pull her close against me.  I kiss her deeply.  I slide my hands down her pack and into her pants, grabbing that amazing ass.  I can’t help myself; I push her pants and panties down.  She gasps and pulls herself closer to me.  My semi-hard cock slides between her legs and rubs up against her moist slit.  We caress and kiss for several minutes, bucking our hips against one another.  The feeling is amazing as my cock suddenly gets hard again.  I never enter her; somehow it seems too soon for that.  Instead I rub my cock back and forth between her lips.  That, however, is enough for both of us.  Caprice begins to whimper and pull me harder against her.  I moan and buck.  She clamps her eyes closed and presses her face into my shoulder.  I hold her close as I begin to cum again.  There is not much to squirt but it feels amazing none the less. 
We stand there gasping, holding onto each other in shocked surprise.  Finally we pull apart and begin to straighten ourselves out.  Caprice turns and begins to write on the back of one of the clubs cards.  She turns and hands it to me.
“I don’t care what you say.  I don’t care what your wife says.  I don’t care what my boyfriend says.  You are now my lover and that is that.  On that card are my number and my address.  I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen; you will be at that address tomorrow night at 11:00 sharp.  If you can make me cum twice so easily and so quickly I will be expecting the fuck of my life.”
And with that she walks down the hall way, leaving me dumbfounded, amazed and completely turned on.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The most beatufuly somber song ever

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very mad world ... mad world
Enlarging your world
Mad world

I know this song was originaly done by Tears for Fears, and I do like their version, but to me it is the Gary Jules version that truly captured the beauty of this song.  There is one part in particular that always grabs me (besides the chorus of course):

And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me
Growing up we moved around A LOT.  My memories of most of my childhood are rather blury and sketchy at best - an image here and there.  No, my father was not in the military.  I honestly cannot tell you why we moved so much but as I have done some research into my family geneology I find my family has been like this for many generations; perhaps not as bad as this, but each generation seems to have lived somewhere else.  My family though - wow. Until 5th grade I did not go to a school for more than one year.  There was even one year I went to three different schools (I was held back that year as a result).  Then I stayed in the same school for fifth and sixth grades.  Then it was time to head off to junior high.  By then my family had moved just enough that I had to enroll in the other school district in town, so effectivly I was a new student again.  So seventh and eighth I spent at the same school.  Time for High School - guess what - back to the other school district.  So now I was settled - sort of.  For my junior year we moved far enough away that I had to go to a different school.  ABout halfway through the year my parents found out they would be moving out of state.  By this time my older sister had gotten married and moved out and she lived closer to my original high school so my parents managed to arrange for me to go back to that hight school for the second half of my junior year - and I moved in with my sister and her husband.  At the end of that school year my parents and younger siblings moved away.  I stayed and graduated from high school.

So, I (and my older sister) had been the perpetual new students. 


It is overcast but at least it is Spring. It is cooler today than it was yesterday. I wonder if it will be warm enough this evening that I will want
To walk home. I wish I had brought the camera again, the pics from the phone just aren't good enough - though the one of the bridge turned out fairly well.

Everyone has been so quiet the last couple of days, both online as well as in real life. Does anyone else feel this? I have the odest feeling right now. I would not say I am feeling horny and yet I want to pull my cock out and play with it. I wish I had enough cash set aside to go to the massage parlor and see how far she will go. I am doing some more writing that I will probably post at some point; I am enjoying it and yet I don't feel the same eagerness of passion - well, not for the sex at least. I find myself going through the story in my head and then having to back up and write - but then I have lost some patience and want to move ahead in the story.
Ehh, who knows what this angst is. I suppose I will just let it run its course - try to focus on other things for now.

In any case - at least it is Friday. Who knows, maybe I will win the lottery tonight.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Club (Part 1)

This is the club we decided on after looking at all of the possible choices online.  Neither of us is here because we want to do some ‘swinging’.  I am only interested in touching you tonight.  We are both feeling very voyeuristic and perhaps even exhibitionist tonight.  I have never been to one of these swingers clubs; single men are not permitted and my wife has no interest.  I expected it to be a variation of a strip club, dark and sleazy.  It is definitely dark, lots of mood lighting and plenty of dark corners.  I am surprised though that I don’t get a real ‘sleaze’ feeling though.

We take a lap, exploring the different parts of the club.  True to their word there are a lot of couples here that seem more interested in watching and being watched then in actually swapping.  We both begin to feel more relaxed.  After our first quick lap we take a more leisurely one, looking for someplace to hover for a bit, looking for some sites to watch.  We stop and watch two decently attractive couples while they go from the “Hi how are you” phase onto the “Here, suck my wife’s pussy” phase.  It seems they are not all that into pleasantries and get right down to business.  Personally I like a little more build up but the scene is enjoyable none the less.  One of the wives is a brunette and the other is blondish.  The Blondie is wearing a skirt and simply hikes it up, the other husband kneels in front of her and begins caressing her long legs before he slides her panties down, exposing a perfectly manicured little bush.  The brunette is wearing pants, an odd choice I would think if she was looking for such quick action.  Her new partner takes a bit more time, caressing her through her clothes, kissing her, rubbing her crotch through her pants.  Soon he has them unbuttoned and is reaching inside.  Looks like his hand is under the pants but over the panties – this guy does like to tease, how wonderful. We stand there off to the side, unobtrusively watching.  The brunette glances at us and smiles; she likes being watched, she gives us a nice moan.  I reach up and begin caressing your back; nice leisurely circles stretching from your neck to your waist.

Blondie has now opened her blouse and pushed the cups of her bra down, exposing her very hard nipples.  Apparently she likes it fast and hard.  She begins pinching her nipples, twisting them almost cruelly.   He as two fingers thrust inside her and is ramming her with them while licking and sucking on her clit.  These two look like something out of a porno.  Meanwhile Mr. Slowhand has worked his way inside of her panties.  Between his hand and his deep sensual kisses he has Mrs. Brunette writing and moaning.  My caressing hand is now working down over your ass as well.  I stop and squeeze one of your luscious cheeks.  The show goes on for a while longer; it does not take the porn stars long to get on to some hard core fucking.  After a few minutes of that we move on, leaving Mrs. Brunette with Mr. Slowhand’s dick in her mouth; her pants discarded to the side at some point and her sexy ass in the air, showing off her very wet pussy lips.  “That was a nice sight” I whisper in your ear.  You nod with an appreciative moan.

We move from sight to sight, both becoming highly aroused by the number of attractive people in various stages of undress and in the midst of various acts of pleasure.  For the most part there is a lot of heavy make-out sessions going on; lots of touching and groping.  There is a decent amount of oral to be found as well; mostly blow jobs put there are some very interesting acts of cunnilingus acrobatics going on as well.  Surprisingly there is relatively little straight out fucking but then again it is early; I bet it will pick up as the night goes on and heavy petting turns into hard thrusting.  We get various offers as we make our way around; you in particular seem to be a popular target though I am gratified with the number of times I am approached too – and most of them were even women, which is good; regardless it is all good for my ego.

I decide it is time to eat that sweet pussy of yours but I want to keep up this highly erotic game.  I stand up and lead you across the room to sit next to her.  They watch us unsure for a moment but I kneel down in front of you, part you legs and kiss my way up your thigh, smiling at them before I dive into you sweet pussy.  They look at each other for a moment before he moves in front of her and takes his own dive.  We stay like this for a little bit, my face buried in your crotch with your skirt partially obscuring the view and he is the same with her.  However, we can’t see each other and thus the mirroring is lost.  I push your skirt higher so they can see how I am sliding my tongue up and down your slit, stopping to make a couple of circles around your clit before diving back down.  She moans at the sight so he is encouraged to follow along.  This goes on for a while, each of us taking the lead in our little game of follow the cunnilingus leader.  The two of you do not seem to mind this game one bit, even though we are making sure to tease you as much as possible without making you come.

It is redhead that first indicates it is time to move on; she whimpers, tilts his face up and indicates fingers.  He smiles, nods, looks at me and holds up two fingers before sliding them into her, leaning forward and sucking on her clit while pumping his fingers into her.  I smile up at you, show you my two fingers.  Your eyes spark with lust so I take that as a yes.  I slide them into you, savoring the velvety softness of your wet flesh.  I greedily suck and lick your clit while pumping my fingers into you.  I curl my fingers forward inside of you, wanting to pleasure you in every possible way.  Her breathing becomes more rapid, she is making small mewing sounds with every breath.  She reaches out and grabs your hand while her hips begin to buck.  Her eyes are closed but she opens them and looks over at you.  The intimate contact of hands and eyes pushes you over the top.  Seeing this beautiful woman next to you right on the verge of orgasm is enough to start your own.  Her body begins to shake and tense.  She squeaks out a moan as her body curls in then stretches out.  Within moments I can feel you begin to shiver and convulse.  I focus on my fingers and tongue, finding just the right spot to flick my tongue over.  You burst with a moan, grab my head with one hand and pull my face into you.

Finally you calm down, your orgasmic wave slowly ebbing out of you.  Still you and the redhead hold hands.  The two of you look at each other again.  She lifts your hand to her lips and lightly kisses the back of it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Quandary

In writing this blog so far I have had the great fortune of corresponding with. There are a few that I wold love to get to know better - much better. I realize that most people on here wan to remain anonymously digital, and I respect that whole heartfelt. The ones that have expressed actual interest are so far away that it simply does not seem realistic - but I am a huge optimist so will hold out hope in the back of my mind and try to focus on being content with shared words.
However, as you can read in my other posts, something has been awoken inside of me and I am needing more. So, what do I do? I have ever been shy, so I am trying to change that, starting with small things. When walking around I am trying to look attractive women in the eye, make that brief contact, see if any respond with a longer gaze or a smile. Can I find the courage to strike up a conversation? Some have suggested the work place but that is inherently dangerous - I don't want my sexual angst to endanger my job.
So what then? Go to a professional? I am unsure what to think about that. I have enjoyed the massages I have had and admit I would prefer the woman to be nude and allow me to touch her as well but would I want more then that in such a setting? Would the mutual masterbation be enough.
So, this is my quandary - where to go next.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Moan

I sit there.
I can feel myself tremble.
Is that possible?
I look down at you,
Kneeling between my legs.
I look deep into your eyes
I can not believe you are even here.
I suck in my breath as you undo my pants.
I am naked now, open an exposed for you.
You continue to stare straight into my eyes
Your mouth exploring me.
I clench my jaw,
The pleasure exquisetly painful
I am so sensitive
The pleasure overwhelming.
I have never been pleasures like this
How do to do it?
You take me soaring
I quiver and shake
Ready to explode.
It is bigger
More powerful.
My mind plodes as my cock explodes.
I am lost and sizzled.
My head falls back,
A sound from deep inside reverberates through me.

My world will never ne the same

Saturday, April 9, 2011


When I stared this Blog it was out of a need to explore what erotic thoughts and desires I  have.  In this short month I have been shocked at what I have learned.  Is it me or is it her that has done this?  I have read many blogs that have excited me but there were 2 that touched some passion deep inside of me that I did not realize was there.  I am always so in control of my feelings - I must be in order to do what I have promised to do. I have made a commitment and I will live up to it, not simply because I do not break my word but because I want to.  Still, in being the responsible one, in being the giving one I have needed to lock part of myself away, call it a defense mechanism.  Until now I have not had any real problem with that, I never understood those feelings anyway.  Now though, perhaps because I am older and more mature, I understand them better and am not so afraid of them.  Now I want to get to know them, so I look for some way to explore them.
One friend has come along that touches them in such a way that I am truly challenged.  Not only to I feel the unadulterated roar of sexual energy I also feel something else that I can not quite pinpoint yet.  Is it some deep well of masculinity?  I am not sure.  I admit my understanding of that subject is rather tenuous.  I am a man that does not understand men - how odd. 
What follows if my first serious attempt at writing to convey emotion and feeling rather than action.  I hope I have managed to make some progress.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I have long been a fan of Miles Davis.  When you ask fans what their favorite album is many will say Bitches Brew or Some Kind of Blue but this has always been mine.

A friend.

What an amazing thrill it is to connect with someone new. Even if this person is thousands of miles away, there is nothing like meeting a kindred soul. She may be a goddess but it is her words; in Blog, comment or email that draw me to her. I need to find a quiet and secluded place to lock myself away and focus on trying to translate this zing into words. Will I ever meet my new friend in the real world? Who knows, fate is fickle and easily amused. In the mean time I will read her words and strive to reply in kind.

A Dozen

Wow! I have a dozen followers now. It may seem silly but I am thrilled
By this. Thank you all so much. Many of you leave some of the greatest comments and I love you for it. I try to be a good friend and return the favor but I have not been making the rounds as diligently as I should - so I will work on that ;-)

So, I love your feedback so be sure to let me know if there is anything you want - do you have questions, should I expand on any of my posts, are there any other posts you want to see. Please feel free to leave a comment or write me email - I loves getting email, as a few of you are well aware.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life, Love, Friendship and Sex

Earlier today I wrote this in an email to a new friend of mine.  I thought it might also like to hear what you all think about it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Stranger - Animal

I am burning.  Her presence has ignited that part of me I have locked away.  I must stop this.  I am a good man, kind and gentle.  I am a good husband, a good employee, a team player.  I am loving, helpful and most importantly reliable.  Just seeing her I can feel this animal within me begin to growl.  The beast wants out but I must lock the cage.  What would become of me if I were to let it out even once?

She turns and looks at me.  Our eyes lock for only a moment before I am doubled over with the impact of that contact.  My passion flames, the beast howls. Her eyes flash, she sees it, she knows it.   She stands, turns and begins to walk away. I want to pounce on her, stop her escape; she must not get away.  Before she rounds the corner she looks back at me, her eyes flash again.  I see it, she wars with her animal as well, but the she-beast calls to me.  I follow.  I stalk my prey around the corner. I can smell her now; I know it is her scent.  I smell her perfume, I smell her hair and I smell her desire dripping from between her legs.  She is in heat!  My passion throbs, not only in my hardness but within my torso.  My hips begin to gyrate, already inside her.  I follow the pull of my loins, of my need.

There she is, sitting, a dim room, quiet.  I sense no other presence, no competition.  I can take her now.  I walk up beside her, already my cock loose, in front of her lips.  She opens her mouth and takes me in. She pleasures me.  The wetness and warmth of her mouth sucks the pleasure straight through me.  I grunt as it approaches, she purrs in response.  I grab her head as I erupt, she suckles and draws yet more pleasure.

I drop and devour her mouth.  I reach between her silky thighs.  I find a lacy barrier.  I growl at the impedance.  I grab the delicate material and tear it away.  I toss it aside and reach for her soft folds.  Her wetness quickly slickens my fingers.  I plunge them into her while rubbing her nub with my thumb. She grunts, she bucks her hips against my hand.  She grabs my wrist and forearm, she impales herself on my hand.  I grab her shirt and yank it off, she bucks on my hand.  I grab her bra and toss it aside.  Her breast are so firm, her nipples as are hard rivets protruding, lifting her breasts higher.  I bite her tender nipple, she screams and tenses.  She bucks, she writhes, she throws her head back in a silent scream, tension stealing her voice.  She bucks once, twice more than collapses forward.  I hold her with one arm and swipe the table clear with the other.  I pick her up and toss her onto the table.  She opens my shirt; I grab both of her breasts. She wraps her legs around me, hooking her heels behind my buttocks.  I thrust directly into her, never having lost my hardness, my need being too great. 

I reach around her, pull her against me, grab her shoulders and begin to fuck into her.  I ram into her, bucking my hips, devouring her mouth, biting her neck, her ear, her tongue.  She pulls me tight with her legs and her arms; she thrust up to meet my rhythm.  She bucks and mews; whimpers and writhes.  I plunge into her time and again, I cannot get deep enough, I want more, need more.  I want to devour her all, consume her to feed the hunger of my lust.  My animal howls, she growls in response.  Our slick bodies rub and glide, we both erupt in instinctive euphoria.  We peak, we climax, we drift. 

We grab our clothes, conscious just enough to find our way out of the restaurant, down the street and into the first hotel we find.

The animal is loose…god help me.


Oh my, I did it. I just wrote a story inspired by a line in someone else's Blog. At first the story was mechanical so I was unsatisfied. Now I have rewritten it and it has left my heart pounding. I do not know if it will have the same effect on others.
The experience of the inspiration and resulting passion scares me. I am a quiet man, responsible and reliable. This frightens me, to think it is in me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching Up

I am reading through several of your blogs and I find I am having more and more trouble reading.  It is terribly inconvenient to have all this blood leaving my brain in order to engorge my passion.  I am left looking for your pictures to feed my lust.  Clicking link after link I feel pulses, my hardness throbs with need and yet I can not reach out and touch any of you, as badly as I need to!
One of you in particular has entranced me - you know who you are for I have reached out to you.  Thank you for the lust you give me!  I continue to throb, wishing you could help me enjoy this heated need.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Good Night Hug

There you are dressed in your light blue satin top and pants.  Everyone else is in bed and sleeping soundly.  I can’t sleep though.  I don’t want to wake anyone up so I stand there in the dark near the window.  The city lights cast a glow through the window and my shadow falls on your sleeping form.  I spend a few minutes looking out the window until I feel like I am being watched.  I turn my head and see the sparkle of your eyes.  It seems you can’t sleep either.  I smile at you and receive a similar smile in return.  You carefully climb out of bed, so as to not disturb your friend that is sound asleep next to you.  Now we are both standing near the window looking out at the city.  I reach my hand out and wrap my arm around your back; a friendly half hug.  You whisper to me that you can’t sleep and I reply that I cannot either. 

I begin to run my hand over your back, a friendly caress.  You smile and lean against me a little.  My hand continues to make slow, lazy circles over your back as we stare out at the few cars crossing the bridge.  Slowly the circles get larger until I am covering your entire back.  You have closed your eyes and leaned your head onto my shoulder.  I can feel you relax and simply enjoy the closeness.  I am finding a thrill in the feeling of your soft body through the silken material.  What started out as a simple friendly gesture has begun to arouse me.  I cannot tell if you feel the same, thought you are clearly enjoying the closeness.  I take the chance and let my hand move over your round hips, caressing your alluring ass cheeks.  I feel you tense for just a moment but then you quickly relax again with a small sigh.  I continue my caress, every now and then allowing my hand the luxury of squeezing your ass.  I hear a small giggle from you as I cop my obvious feel. 

I feel your arm wrap around my back, returning my half hug.  I enjoy your affection and am encouraged in my caressing.  I turn my head to the side and gently kiss your cheek.  You respond with a kiss to my cheek.  Your lips linger just a moment.  I reach up with my other hand and begin to caress your stomach through the silken material; now hugging you fully.  I feel your breathing quicken as the escalation of our caresses becomes obvious.  My hand on your stomach quickly goes from small circles to larger circles, including both of your breasts in each pass.  I am delighted to feel you nipples quickly stiffen as your arousal becomes as obvious as mine.  Each of my caresses now includes the front of your thighs.  I hear a small whimpering sigh from you.  I stop and try to slide my and between your thighs.  For a moment you resist but just before I abandon my attempt at further escalation I feel your legs part for me.  I begin to caress the inside of your soft thighs; running my hand down the inside of your leg and then back up and over your lower belly to your other thigh.  After a few passes like this I become bolder and cup my hand over your sex.  You jump and clutch tightly to me.  I can feel how warm you are between your legs.  For a moment I think you are going to stop me but I begin to rub my hand up and down your crotch.  After a few strokes you let out a long breathe and part your legs wider for me. 

I reach further between your legs and firmly press my fingers against your feminine mound.  The silken material of your pajamas and your panties separates our skin but allows my hand to run smoothly up and down.  After a few strokes I can feel how wet and aroused you are becoming.  Your breathing in my ear has become very heavy now.  Your hand reaches out and caresses my chest and stomach before it quickly slides down and cups over the bulge in my underwear.  I reach inside your pajama bottoms and continue to caress your wet pussy through your soft panties.  You easily reach inside the front flap of my underwear and wrap your hand around my throbbing cock. Your hand slowly jerks me up and down as I explore your soft folds with my hand.  I can see your nipples so clearly through the thin top.  I lean forward and gently nibble one of them through the soft material. At this sensation you gasp and your body begins to jerk back and forth.  I can tell you are close and I want to help you over the top.  I continue to nibble your nipple and just when I think the time is right I slip my fingers inside your panties, quickly find your hard clit and begin to caress it in tight circles.  You stifle a moan and your legs begin to buckle.  I tighten my arm around your back to hold you up as your orgasm ripples through your body.  For a few moments you are leaning against me while your body shudders.  Finally you quiet down and I feel you lean into me, trying to catch your breath.  I take a few moments to lightly kiss your neck, ears, chin and lips.  We stand there for a while simply holding each other.  We have wrapped our arms around each other and are pulling the other into a tight and loving hug; our bodies pressed tightly together.

I help you back to bed.  You lie down on the pillow and quickly close your eyes.  I can tell you will be able to fall asleep quickly.  I lean forward and give you one deep and probing kiss before leaving you to sleep soundly. 

What a wonderful good night hug that was!