Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been years since I have spent any time in chat rooms.  At some point all the chat rooms I knew of became so full of bots that I just gave it up.  Tonight though I am feeling very frisky and porn is just not cutting it.  I need some interaction.  I jumped onto backpage.com and considered finding an ‘escort’ but quickly gave up on that idea.  That was a whole can of worms that I am not interested in spilling all over the floor.  I headed down to a neighborhood bar for a little bit but it was not my scene this evening.  Maybe I have been married and quiet for too long.  So, I headed back home, half hard and not sure what to do with myself while my wife is away. 
I hope back onto my computer and wander around a bit looking for something exciting.  Some porn here and there but nothing interesting. On one site I come across and add for some new chat site.  I think about it for a minute then decided it is at least worth checking out.  I click and begin to read.  Quickly my interest is piqued.  This might be some fun.  So I quickly sign up and start surfing through the various rooms.
It is amazing how quickly some of my chat skills come back to me.  It can be a little tricky figuring out who is actually a woman and who is a man pretending.  I also manage to detect the jailbait and cops and avoid that scene entirely.  Finally I settle on a fairly quiet room simply titled ‘Let’s Chat’.  The conversation in the room is tame, almost like a gathering of adult friends having a relaxed and enjoyable time.  The talk is not G rated or even PG but neither is it XXX.  I meet some interesting people and make some online friends.  I flirt here and there and am genuinely having a good time. 
After an hour or so I have a few ladies I am exchanging personal messages with.  One of them is even being a little flirtatious and frisky in the room; saying that she is sitting next to me, flashing me looks up her skirt, kissing my neck; things like that.  A couple of the IMs are becoming more heated. 
One began to stand out and started becoming very interested; that was the one with LinaAlone:

MarcusMyself:                  So what fool left such a charming and exciting woman like you home alone?
LinaAlone:                           Fool, you are too kind.  Charlie left fool far behind many years ago.  Ass Hole is closer to the mark now.
MarcusMyself:                  Oh dear, that is no good.  I am alone too and while my marriage is not perfect  I am still happy, just a bit more adventurous than her and most definitely feeling frisky while she is away.
LinaAlone:                           Oh I see.  The cat is away so the mouse is needing some new pussy?
MarcusMyself:                  Mmmmm, pussy.  Say that again – it seemed to get a reaction out of me.
LinaAlone:                           Pussy.  Wet, hot pussy.  My pussy needs some loving, some touching, some heavy petting.
MarcusMyself:                  Ooooh, wow these pants are getting tight all of a sudden.
LinaAlone:                           Oh dear, you better take them off then.  We don’t want you being uncomfortable.
<<<A Couple Minutes Pass>>>
MarcusMyself:                  There, no more pants.
LinaAlone:                           That took longer than I expected.
MarcusMyself:                  The curtains were open I figured it was  best to close them.
LinaAlone:                           Ahh yes, good idea.  Unless you want to give your neighbors a show.
MarcusMyself:                  That could be fun but my neighbor is a rather large and busy bridge.
LinaAlone:                           Ahh, I see.  <<giggles>>  That would be quite a show.
MarcusMyself:                  The only show I am interested in right now is with you.  I want to put on a show for you, watch you put on one for me and then create one together that will singe the eyebrows off anyone lucky enough to get a peak.
LinaAlone:                           Ohhh, now that sounds like a good idea.
MarcusMyself:                  I think we should get back to that great word from earlier – pussy.
LinaAlone:                           And what is it you want to do with my pussy?
MarcusMyself:                  LOL – that is a list my dear and we will get there.  To start I want to make it so drooling wet that all I will need to do is gently blow on your clit in order to make you orgasm the first time.
LinaAlone:                           <<Shivers>>
                                                And I like the sound of the “First Time”
MarcusMyself:                  Oh so do I.
                                                I have not told you something about me yet.  You see, I have magical hands.
LinaAlone:                           Magical hands huh?  Interesting.  Please don’t tell me you are some kind of sad little geek that thinks he has magical powers.
MarcusMyself:                  ROTFLMAO
                                                No no no no – but fair enough. 
                                                No, I mean to say that I have talented hands and have been highly complemented (often with a series of sighs and moans) on my touching and caressing.
LinaAlone:                           I see, well I like that kind of magic.  Please feel free to cast that spell on me any time.
MarcusMyself:                  Mmmm, gladly. 
                                                I would start standing behind you while you are sitting there in your chair.  I would gently massage your shoulders; let you get used to the feel of my touch, to my presence.  I concentrate on your neck, that sensitive skin behind your ears and the muscle that stretches from there to your shoulders.  My hands slide down to your should and back up.  I take some time running my fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp, drawing my fingers through your hair all the way to the tips.  I reach down and pull your shirt up and off.  I want to touch your skin – all of your skin. 
LinaAlone:                           Oh god that is giving me chills.
MarcusMyself:                  Mmmm, good.  I love that reaction. 
                                                My caressing expands, now all over your shoulder and the upper part of your arms, making large circles, getting to know the feel of your skin.  As my hands move I lean forward and kiss you lightly behind the ear.  I stop and take a deep breath, loving your smell – a mix of some floral perfume, the clean smell of a soap or lotion and still a hint of your own pheromones. 
                                                My hands circle down over your chest, a line down between your breasts, around to your sides and back up.  I continue this circle a few times while placing more kisses on your neck and behind your ears.  I stop and reach down, undoing the clasp of your bra and freeing your beautiful breasts. 
LinaAlone:                           Oh yes, my bra is now on the floor with my shirt.
MarcusMyself:                  Good.  Mmmm
                                                As my hands continue their circular motion I change it just a little, letting my palms caress over your breasts as my fingers trace their path between them.  I stop and take each breast in my hands, squeezing them, massaging them.  I spend several minutes doing this.  My kisses change and I begin to nibble now, on your neck, your ears.  Mmmm.
LinaAlone:                           Oh god – my nipples are so hard.  I am caressing my breasts – Ohhhh
MarcusMyself:                  Yes
                                                Now I gently pinch each nipple between my fingers, rolling them around a little, pinching them a little harder, then rolling them again.  I come around to stand in front of you now.  You see that I am completely naked, my hard cock sticking up in front of me, pointing straight at your mouth.  I reach forward and continue playing with your nipples.  I move my hips and rub the tip of my cock against your lips.
                                                Before we can go any further I need you to take my cock into your mouth. 
LinaAlone:                           Oh yes, slide your beautiful cock into my mouth, let me suck it!  I want to taste it.
MarcusMyself:                  Good!  I press forward and the head of my cock slides past your lips.  Your mouth is so warm, so soft.  Mmmm, if your pussy is half as good as your mouth I will still be fucking you when your husband gets home and he will just have to wait outside the closed door to your room listening to all the sounds you make from my pounding you.
LinaAlone:                           Oh god, oh god yes, please -  I need it.
MarcusMyself:                  Not yet.  You need to suck me off first.  Consider it preparation, I have to cum once to get warmed up, then I can fuck you long and hard, make you cum till you pass out – and then I might stop – maybe.
LinaAlone:                           Oh yes, do it, fuck my mouth!
MarcusMyself:                  I push my cock deeper into your mouth.  I feel your hands reach up around me and grab my tight ass, pushing me deeper into your throat.  I continue to pinch and twist your nipples as you work my cock, using your tongue and lips, getting me closer and closer.
LinaAlone:                           Yes baby, cum in my mouth for me – cum.
MarcusMyself:                  That’s it baby – I am getting close.  You feel my cock begin to throb, getting even harder as I am ready to cum.  You pull me out of your throat so I can cum in your mouth.  Just as I explode I pinch your nipples hard.  You gasp but catch your breath in time to swallow my load.
LinaAlone:                           Oh yes, oh yes!  Cum in my mouth baby – let me taste it.
MarcusMyself:                  I slide my cock from your lips and kneel down in front of you.  I take a few minutes to kiss you deeply, my hands caressing over your sides, down over your hips.  Down the outside of your legs, then back up the inside of your thighs.  You part your legs for me.
                                                I lean forward and begin sucking on your nipples.  I slide a hand between your legs and begin running a couple fingers up and down your very wet slit.
LinaAlone:                           Oh god yes, I am so wet, make me cum, I need it right now.  PLEASE!  FUCK ME!
MarcusMyself:                  Patience my dear – fingers first – remember, this is magical hands.
LinaAlone:                           Yes, then do it – fuck me with your hands!
MarcusMyself:                  I continue running my fingers up and down your slit, pressing farther and farther between your wet swollen lips with every pass.  Finally my finger lightly brushes over your clit.  You jerk as if struck by lightning.  I continue my stroking. Up and down, time and again.  I stop and swirl the tip of my finger around your clit.  I make circle after circle.  A couple fingers of my other hand begin to press into your wet cunt.  I push them in just a little and then pull them out, making small circles right at your opening.  I press them in again, deeper this time.  Then pull them out.  Again and again, each time a little deeper.  Suddenly I plunge my fingers deep inside you and begin to furiously pump them in and out of you.  I begin to pinch your clit at the same time, finding a rhythm.  Your hips are bucking.  I bite your hard little nipple.  You suddenly tense up, freezing, barely breathing, I hear a small grunt from deep inside you.  You stay like that for almost a minute, clenched tight, shaking a little. 
                                                Suddenly you collapse back into the chair, your head rolling back.  You let out a moan that stretches on.  I stand up and gently kiss your lips.
LinaAlone:                           Oh wow – that sounds so good – I need to be fucked – tell me how you will fuck me – I will get my dildo and fuck myself, imagining it is you.
MarcusMyself:                  About that –I say we take this off line – give me your address and I will come over…

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ok - so every now and then I feel the need to remove excess hair.  Sometimes having all that hair in my drawers makes me feel less than clean.  Perhaps it has something to do with my tendency to perspire too much. 
Today had been a pretty lazy day at home.  Wife was spending her time reading, she loves reading so very much.  I spent my time playing with the computer - nothing too interesting - a new game.  Sometimes I wonder why I play them, they are so pointless, though from time to time they do inspire me to write a new story and that is something.
The day drifted by and it was the afternoon when I got up and invited wife back to the bedroom.  I enjoy sex with my wife but after being married for so many years, haveing taken care of her through such a heavy depression for most of it and the extra 150 pounds she is carrying around - well I am not always as well motivated to start sex with her as I should be.  Still, once we are there and things get started we do have a good time.  There is nothing too spectacular.  We spend some time caressing and kissing, some intimate touching until we are both ready hen I climb on totp and we have a nice gentle fuck for a few minutes.  I have no idea how long most men last so it is with some trepidation that I admit things do not go on very long.  Now, if I have cum once already - then yes the activities can go on for some time.  Generally though we are a one time sort of couple.  However, we both enjoy ourselves, spend some time chatting and snuggling afterward till we drift off to a post afternoon delight nap.
Later we got up, both rather pleased with ourselves and at that point I knew it was time to bathe.  I had been thinking for many days now that it was time to remove that hair.  I am sure Lola noticed in the couple of pics I shared with her that things had become a bit of a mess down there.  so, out came the electric trimmer to get things started.  I have to be very careful because the pair I have end to pinch all too easily.  Still, I managed to get through without any major blood loss.  Testicles can be very tricky with all their wrinkly skin.  Today I decided to go for a bath instead of a shower.  It was a good call because it was so much easier to shave that I felt like an idiot for not realizing it before. So, I took my time to clean things up as well as I could - then rewarded myself with a nice little tug, even though I had gotten off just a couple hours before.  Then I got out and made sure to use some very thick skin cream on that very sensitive skin. 
So, now I am nice and bare and I admit I enjoy the feeling - it is somehow sexy to me, though I can not articulate it very well.

So, that is my Saturday afternoon.
What have you been up to?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


How can I confess to you the feelings you create in me with your lips?  To say your lips is to be unfair to the rest of your mouth since your tongue also pleasures me so deeply.  I could describe every action you make with your mouth in caressing my sex but I don’t see that as enough.  I watch in melted bliss as your lips continue to move up and down my engorged length and yet the smoldering tendrils of pleasure have wrapped themselves around the base of my spine and writhe in an erotic dance that washes through my body.  I can feel my heart beating faster; each contracting pulse surging straight down my body and into my cock.  I know you can feel my pulse with your lips; it seems to excite you all the more.  I let my eyes wash over your sexy body for a few moments; relishing the most erotic sight I have ever enjoyed.  Your face is very beautiful, but I must admit it is made even more so by seeing you red lips wrapped around my dick.  Your shoulders lead down to your large round breasts that are rubbing against my legs; I adore your womanly curves.  I can see your sensual hips; their nakedness sends an electric pulse through me, a shiver that excites my senses to the point of agony.  I am hypnotized by the swaying motion of your hips; a sign of how much you are enjoying giving me pleasure.  I ache to burst inside your mouth by hunger even more to do so deep inside your body.  With a small motion I let you know I want you to lye back on the bed.  You resist for just a moment before letting my cock drop from your lips. 

I lye you back on the bed and stare into your eyes as my lips cover yours; my tongue sliding along your lips and into your mouth.  I can taste a hint of myself on your lips but am enthralled by the wet caress of your lips.  I kiss my way slowly down your body.  The softness of your flesh beneath my hands envelops my minds body in quivering pleasure.  I stop to run my tongue in circles around one of your excited nipples before sucking it into my mouth completely.  I can feel the pleasure surging through your body; I can read the currents of rapture flow through you and I eagerly follow them with my hands as they course along their path.  These carnal currents lead me down between your soft thighs.  I take my time in approaching; I work in circles of kisses until I have your legs over my shoulders and my face firmly between your soft thighs.  I take my time in exploring your wet lips.  Your spice enters my mind and entrances me; my mind becomes a single point focused between your legs.  My tongue swirls and explores your soft feminine folds, finding each of your most electric points.  I can feel your carnal tide sweep and swoon, the torrent of sexual tsunami.  You burst upon my face, holding me tightly between your legs; your body undulating in its rapture. 

I feel your storm calm but I cannot leave you to luxuriate in your glow; for now my pulsing sex demands entrance into you.  I climb up your still quivering body; you wrap your legs around my hips.  I take no time or pleasantries but simply plunge my hard cock deep inside you.  I am a courteous lover but now my long suffered need for you overwhelms me.  With a deep guttural growl I begin to plunge deep into you, thrusting hard and curling my hips upward.  My body is wracked with near paralyzing pleasure that I must fight through; I need my ultimate release.  You reach your arms up and cress my face and down over my shoulders.  Your soft kiss and tender voice throw me over the edge as I burst inside of you.  Pulse after pulse my body shivers as I find my ultimate pleasure here, embraced by your arms and your thighs.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Walking Home

Here are a few pics I took while walking home from work today.

Approaching the Western Support of the Brooklyn Bridge
There is the Manhattan Bridge

Too much glare to see Lady Liberty there on the right.

 I love where I live :-D


Ahhh what a beautiful day! After being cooped up all winter mother nature is kind enough to give me this day. I just left work to run an errand and wow - 72 degrees on the streets of Manhattan - heaven!
Perhaps I should walk home today.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Subway

I am on the subway headed home.  It had been a fairly average day at work, nothing overly taxing or difficult.  I have an old science fiction book I have been reading but after a few minutes of trying to get involved in the story enough to escape the hum drum of my day I finally give up and put the book away.

I begin to look around a bit, seeing the sea of stranger’s faces, everyone staring off into nowhere; lost in their own worlds.  Sometimes I sit here and try to imagine what different people are thinking, where they are headed, what they have been doing.  Nobody in particular catches my eye or my imagination.  I can feel that I am sapped of my will to create; sapped of energy to be interested in anything; filled with that deathly apathy that colors the world gray and elongates a person’s face. 

There is the usual hustle of bodies as we stop at another station.  This is one of those stops where many people leave the train and few to none board.  On this particular day the car nearly empties and a single person steps on board.  She looks familiar to me but perhaps it is that false recognition of a stranger in a crowd.  I find myself watching her as she sits on the molded orange plastic bench across from me.   I am not sure why I am so compelled to watch her; she is not unusually good looking, at least not for this city so full of beautiful faces and sexy bodies.  Her clothes are not overly stylish nor overly revealing and sexy.  Still, I continue to watch her. 

I realize that the whole time I have been watching her she has also been watching me.  Our eyes meet and she smiles at me; a soft and friendly gesture.  I return her smile, unable to help myself.  I can see in her pleasant face that she too has had a quiet day at work and is sapped and hollow.  I am not sure how I know this except to say that it is in her eyes and in her face.  She recognizes the same in me.  The universe has seen fit to give us each a kindred spirit on the train, if only for this one ride. 

As we continue to communicate with our eyes and expressions I am surprised to find an erection growing in my pants.  My body is infused with the wonderful warmth of arousal.  I look at her and can see the flush in her cheeks as well.  For further confirmation of her aroused state I can see the two bumps of her hardening nipples through the light material of her blouse.  I look at her nipples in a pointed sign of recognizing her arousal.  She smiles in a bold way, not embarrassed.  I run my hand over the growing bulge in my pants, an inviting gesture to her.  She smiles and nods her recognition. 

My hand does not stop but instead I continue to caress my erection and look deep into her eyes; a dare.  She smiles and reaches up with one hand to caress and pinch one of her nipples.  I smile at her but direct my eyes down to the hem of her skirt, signaling to her what it is I want to see.  She smiles and nods.  I watch her as she pulls her skirt up, spreading her legs to give me a better view.  First I see that she is wearing stockings and not hose; I lick my lips and swallow hard in nervous anticipation.  With one more tug of her skirt she exposes the delicate pink satin of her panties.  I smile and nod my approval.  She smiles back at me as she begins to caress up and down her slit through the soft material.  It does not take long for the material to conform to her most delicate folds and reveal to me her shape. 

I return the favor by unzipping my trousers and reaching inside to caress my cock through the thinner material of my underwear.  With a slightly wicked grin I decide to move things along to a higher level; I fidget for a moment but quickly have my entire length out of my pants and on display for her.  I slowly caress up and down the entire length.  I lock her eyes with mine for a moment and she seductively draws her tongue across her lips, her sign of approval of my cock.  She responds by fidgeting herself and managing to pull her panties down and off.  With a simple flip of her foot the flimsy garment flies across the car and lands right in my lap.  I smile at her and nod my thanks.  She spreads her legs for me again and begins to display her moist pink lips. 

I take her panties and wrap the silky material around the shaft of my cock, allowing the swollen head to stick out the top in a lewd fashion, pointing at her as I slide the soft material of her panties up and down my swollen shaft.  She smiles at this and then concentrates on opening herself to me, showing me her most intimate places, letting me watch as she caresses her small fingers through her valleys.  I watch in fascination as she circles her clit and softly moans for me.  This whole time she stares at me with a lustful intensity that surges through my body.  Her eyes light up as my cock jumps with the excitement of her stare.  Like some erotic tower we build, one on top of the other, our urgency and shamelessness climbs and spirals out of control. 

I watch, panting in lust as she slides two fingers into her moist hole.  My cock jerks again with desire to replace those fingers and explore her within.  Her eyes narrow but do not close as she leans her head back, her hips gyrating into the rhythm of her fingers.  I match her rhythm with my own hand, both of us bumping our hips, slamming into each other from across the aisle, our long distance fuck heating out of control. 

At last I see her body tense and spasm as she climbs over the edge.  I speed up my rhythm, no longer holding back, and spew into my own hand and her soft panties.  We both jerk and spasm for a few moments, watching the other slide through the flow of orgasm, our own sensations heightened by the vision of the others pleasure. 

In dazed rapture we each begin to adjust and fix our clothing.  The spell is not lost for we continue to stare into each others eyes.  The train jerks to a stop and I get up to leave, to my delight so does she.  We walk out onto the platform and stand face to face.  I gesture to hand her back her panties but instead she closes my fist around them and takes my other closed hand in hers.  She opens my fist and licks my cum from my palm.  I reach around her and pull her to me for a single wet kiss.  When we part I reach into my bag and deposit her panties.  She reaches into her purse and pulls out her card; I pull out my card at the same time.  Without a word we exchange cards and are on our separate ways.  I plan on calling her as soon as I have another moment alone.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Every now and then...

... I get the urge to undress completely, climb on my bed on all fours, reach behind me and gide a nice hard cock into me. I want to feel him hold my hips as he starts a smooth rhythm, sliding all the way into me so I can feel his hips pressed against my bare ass. I want him to stop with his cock barried all the way inside me so I can just sit there and enjoy the sensation of being so full.

Of course what makes this fantasy a little unusual is that I am a man. Before you ask, no I am not a repressed homosexual; I would have no problem admitting it if I was. No, the fact is that I am extremely attracted to women and have never felt a true attraction to another man. Having said that, I have to admit to finding cocks to be rather fascinating. Every now and then I will indulge in a fantasy of being with another man. Most of the time there are two things that arouse me most about the fantasy; the first is the complete casualness of the encounter - just hangin out with a friend and we decide to fool around. The second thing is imagining holding another mans hard cock. For whatever reason that idea can get me hot. Of course I take the fantasy much further than that but it is that feeling that thrills ms the most.
I have tried fooling around with guys a couple of times but foun the experiences unfulfilling. For the most part the guys have been impatient for me to just get them off as quickly as possible. I'd prefer to be able to take my time, get to know the different ways to bring pleasure but for now it remains a ghostly image in my mind.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Massage Parlor

This is not a narrative story, I will have to work up to that. For now I will simply talk about what I want to do. I have been to a local massage parlor a few times. Of the 3 ladies that have tended to me it was the first lady that I enjoyed the most. There is something about her that was welcoming. She gave me a wonderful massage and a very good hand release. She seemed content to let me caress and rub her through her clothes and under her shirt. I am not a rich man and thus need to save up money between visits (and in a way my wife won't notice).
I enjoy the massage and release but it is not what I want most. No, I don't want full service. No, instead, I want to give her a massage. I get the most pleasure out of giving pleasure. I want her to undress and lay on the table, allowing me to explore her body with my hands (and perhaps my mouth). A couple of times throughout I would want her to give me a hand release.
That is what I want. I will ask her on my next visit.
In the mean time, anyone want to volunteer?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Erotic Life

The truth is most of the eroticism in my life happens only in my mind. I have a very strong sense of sexual adventure but I am married and my beloved is insecure in many ways and thus our sexual life is very normal. To me sex is the expresion of affection, physical attraction or emotional closeness. I believe that sex between friends is not only a good thing but a very healthy thing. My wife understands how I think but is afraid that people can't deal with sex just being friendship. So, at least for now, all of my desires for other people lives in my head.

So, in the posts to follow I will express these things that live only in my head. I hope that by doing this they will become more real for me. Perhaps some of you will comment or send me messages helping your and my fantasies live.