Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Office

What a quiet day at work.  I swear it feels like a Friday. There is nobody around.  Too bad it’s a Thursday.  I have been sitting here in front of my PC for way too many hours.  I find a small thing here and there to amuse me but it never lasts very long.  Ugh – fuck this, I am going for a stroll around the office and see if ANYTHING is going on. 

Sure enough, this place is like some sort of tomb; a nicely appointed one with plenty of wonderful art on the walls, but a tomb none the less.  I walk by one empty cubical after the next.  Every one of the offices is abandoned.  I begin to wonder if everyone else knows something I don’t.  I am about to give up hope of finding any signs of life when I come upon Melissa’s cubical. 

To my great surprise and delight she is sitting there in her chair.  I take a few moments to simply look at her.  On the most average of days she is a delightful vision.  She is tall, perhaps five feet ten inches, with long dark hair and glittering hazel eyes.  She is a statuesque woman, a beautiful face and plenty of curves.  Some may think she is too big, that she needs to loose weight.  Not me!  When ever I see her hips sway as she walks by I can’t help but see the exact places I want to grab a hold of her so that I can thrust into her over and over again.  In any case, that is how I see her on an average day.  Today is not an average day.  I have been wandering the desert of human contact and have found an oasis of such magnificence as to blind my senses.  Her lips are moist and seem to pout just a bit.  Her firm breasts press against her blouse, a slight fold starts at one of her nipples and drapes down in front of her.  As is often the case she is dressed in one of her skirt suits.  Her coat is off and hanging over the back of her chair. I am some what surprised to see the same listless look in her eyes as I know pours out from mine.

Suddenly my body is moving of its own will.  I enter her cubical and stand right beside her.  She turns and looks up at me, a friendly smile of welcome for ending her isolation.  I reach down and unzip my trousers, pulling my semi hard cock from within.  She looks at it for a moment, there just below her eye level.  Then, with a small shrug of her shoulders she reaches up and takes hold of my shaft.  Slowly she runs her hand up and down my length, bringing me quickly to full erection.  Now she firmly grasps my member as she brings it closer to her lips.  Her lips open and out snakes her tongue.  With several adept flicks she has my pulsing head covered in her sweet saliva.   Now she puts the entire purplish head between her soft red lips and gently begins to suck.  I moan so sincerely that she smiles around my cock.  Her tongue flicks out and wets more of my shaft.  I can feel my heart beating in the pulsing of my cock.  Her hand continues to pull my skin up and down the solid meat of my dick while her lips travel further down my length with each bob of her head.  Up and down my cock her lips slide, more and more of her saliva drips down to my base.  She is a woman of wonderful talent; she gives a great juicy blow.  The silent office now echoes with the juicy sounds of her sucking sex.  Faster and faster she bobs her head, taking nearly my entire length now.  I am frozen in ecstasy as I hold on to her soft brown hair and thrust my hips up to meet her oral ministrations.

Her face has always been so beautiful but never could I have been prepared for the beauty of seeing my cock between her lips and her perfectly shaped eyes looking up at me, now fogged with unadulterated lust.  I use my shaking fingers to brush the hair back from her face and then hold on to the sides of her head as she brings me close to bursting.  I feel my cock swell further as my entire groin grows scalding hot with pending eruption.  I manage to groan that I am going to cum; she purrs with muffled expression of delight.  My chest tightens and constricts my breathing as I count to three and release into her mouth.  She sucks me hard like a straw, drawing every drop of lust from my balls.  I even feel the rattle at then end as she sucks in futility for the stray liquid at the bottom.  I simply moan as I feel the warmth of satisfied bliss spread through me.  My knees give way and I collapse to the floor.  She looks down at me and smiles in smug satisfaction.  I smile back with evil plans of my own.

I guess she had decided to flaunt her feminine prowess of complete sexual control over me.  She never expected me to bend her over her desk and lift her skirt over her hips.  Still, she does not resist nor struggle as I pull the crotch of her naughty little g-string to the side.  There, displayed in front of me is the beauty of a juicy female slit.  Now I know how much she enjoyed my cock; so much so that her soft little cunt is dripping with evidence.  I lean forward and run my tongue up and down the entire length of her feminine folds.  It seems she can not help herself either for now the barren office echoes with her lustful sighs of wanton pleasure.  I continue with gentle ministrations for the moment, taking my time to explore her most private flesh.  Her taste is exquisite; I cup my mouth over her mound and let her juices pour out of my mouth.  I burry my nose into her canyon and inhale her fuck-me syrup.  My tongue curves up and down her cunt, from her engorged and pulsing clit to her puckered and pungent ass.  I stop at her clit and swirl my tongue around it, she moans to acknowledge her agreement.  Next I stop at her pussy and slip my tongue inside of her, again she grunts her yea.  Now I swirl my tongue around her tight sphincter of an ass.  She suddenly gulps her breathe in surprise but can’t help but press her dirty little hole hard against my wriggling tongue.  I pierce her tight hole and taste her pungent flavor, her moan comes from so deep inside her I swear I can hear her Australian accent.  Back and forth I work three more times and now her legs are trembling.  Her voice cries out, begging me to finish her.  I plunge two fingers into her ass and two more into her sopping pussy.  My tongue swirls her clit four more times before I bite down on the bud and make her shiver in ecstatic trembling of orgasm. 

Her breathing is rough as she tries to catch her breath.  Still she does not move as I stand and look down upon the wondrous beauty of her ass pointing up at me.  Her lips are open in a juicy display of juicy depraved lust.  My cock is once again so swollen that it pulsates in front of me.  I waste no time but simply lean forward and plunge into her sloppy cunt.  She cries out once again in surprise as I grab those marvelous hips of hers and thrust deeply into her.  By now all thought has left me and I simply live for the sensation of her juicy hole.  My cock pounds into her with such violent rhythm that the cubical walls sway and shake, precariously on the edge of collapse.  She screams out as I feel my balls once again boil forth my spastic spew of cum.  She pushes back against me for those final thrusts of hard cock that sends her over the cascading falls of orgasmic bliss.

Once done we both straighten our clothes and for a moment stand and stare into each others eyes.  She smiles at me and with that fantastic accent of her simply says “thank you, and I will see you tomorrow”.