Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sex in the City, part 2

I am waiting for Trickie (read this first)

I am trying to wait patiently for her but I must be failing. My insides are boiling over with such tumultuous anticipation that I am amazed that I am not shaking. I keep scanning the crowd, trying to recognize her from those few pictures she has shared with me. I begin to wonder if I will recognize her. She steps out from behind a lost and wandering family of tourists. Instantly I know. That has to be her, I am drawn to her, pulled by that wonderful magic that links some people. I call to her. She smiles at me and stops where she is. How can I possibly describe the vision? Gorgeous! That is as close as my words can get. I walk up to her, reach out and pull her into my arms. The warmth of her soft body pressing against mine causes me to moan a small sigh. I hold her beautiful face in my hands and lean forward, touching my lips to her. She responds passionately. My lips part, our tongues meet and I slide my hands over her shapely figure. For several minutes we stand there, lost in our first kiss. I am sure we get many stares but I couldn't care less; they should just be glad I have enough restraint to not take here right then and there (though I did think about it for a moment). Finally our lips part, we stare into each other eyes.
"Hello" my voice comes out low and breathy.
She smiles "Hello". Her voice is so melodic.
I take her hand and begin to leashed out of the airport. I have no choice, I must get her alone. I need her so badly, I can hardly think of anything else. We stand in the cab line, talking some but spending more of our effort lightly caressing and kissing one another. We finally climb into the cab and direct him to the hotel in Manhattan.
Now begins the long cab ride there!


  1. Let's hope the traffic isn't too bad. ;-)

    Glad you put up another post. More, please.

  2. Then again - lots of traffic could lead to some naughtiness in a cab.

  3. Wanna take a cab ride with me sweets?

  4. LOL! Now, THAT'S a cab ride I wouldn't turn down! ;-)

  5. Let me know when you will be here and I will cab ride you all over the city;-)

  6. Where shall we start first? ;-)

  7. Wear a skirt, panties optional - my fingers are talented enough that I can work with panties if you want to wear them. So we will start with my hand sliding up your skirt while I kiss you passionately, exploring your sweet mouth with my lips and tongue.

  8. the panties are off! let the hand sliding and kissing begin! ;-)

  9. It's nice to see you back. I look forward to another delicious installment...

  10. We made it to the hotel in one piece my lover. Your turn.

  11. @Sweets:
    Send me an email and I will touch, finger, kiss and lick you into oblivion!

    Thank you. Trickie is so wonderful - she refused to let me fade away.

    What? No sex in the moving cab?
    I will come up with part 3 very soon.
    When will you be visiting? LOL