Friday, October 26, 2012

Rant about types

Types.  Apparently women have types of men that they like.  Apparently men do too.  Do I have a type of woman that I like - sort of  - I like women to me female.  I mean really, how can there be a type of person that you are attracted to?  I find something attractive in just about every person I meet.  I just don't understand it.
See, the problem is that I am apparently not the type of man that women think they want.  I am not tall, I am not rugged, I am not an alpha mail type.  No, I am only 5' 6" tall.  I am in decent shape.  I don't look any where near my age.  But the real problem is that I am a nice guy.  I am sweet, caring, affectionate and supportive.  Most women figure this out and they assume I am some sort of push over or something - I don't know what they think.  The fact is that I am as stubborn a person as you will ever meet.  I am not a push over by any standard.  The fact is that my priorities are different from pretty much everyone I know.  My number one priority, what makes me happiest, is to make other people happy.  I love doing it.  Because of that I am often willing to do whatever people want to do. I guess that makes me look bad in too many peoples eyes.  How fucked up is that?
Most of all I love making my wife happy.  That is what matters to me more than anything else.  Trust me when I tell you, that is a full time job.  I don't say that as a criticism, just a fact.  She is a very needy person and I am a very giving person.  That makes us well suited for each other.  I would likely drive anyone else nuts - smother them is the expression I believe. 
What's my point? 
Why the fuck would someone have a type?  Why would they define some specific set of parameters that a person must fall into in order to be interesting or attractive to them?  That is so limiting and so blinding.  When you find someone with the qualities you think you want you tend not to notice the negative qualities that come along with them - you are blinded to them.

Like the title says, this is just a rant - this is just me whining and bitching.
Thanks for listening.


  1. Even though there is a type of man I'm very attracted to, I also find myself attracted to men that sit outside of that type. If I arranged all the men from my past and present, only two would resemble each other physically (while their personalities are poles apart). While I think it's wonderful you don't have a type, I seem to be hard-wired to respond to a particular kind of man. But that said, in the end it's all about the chemistry for me - intellect, sexual, emotional and political - and a deep desire to unearth each other's passions.

    (PS Your wife is a very lucky woman!)